Quality and Warranty:

- Quality of products must match the requirements and technical properties of furniture (inequalities in texture and shade of natural wood products are not considered as flaws)


- All products have 18 months warranty. Warranty is provided for damage caused by the manufacturer, for all the hardware components and parts of furniture. Manufacturer is obliged to fix all the damage discovered during the warranty period. If the customer refuses to accept quality production, advance money is not to be returned.

- A. Budrikas‘ company is bound to make furniture in 9-15 weeks from receiving advance money. In case of advance payment delay, manufacturing shall be delayed until receiving the advance payment.

In case of manufacturing delay on behalf of the Company, manufacturer is bound to pay penalties of 0,02 percent of whole purchase order price per day. Manufacturing delay can be caused by unforeseen circumstances, such as irregularities of walls and floor, poor electric or water pipe installation, problems in gas pipe or ventilation systems.

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